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I bought myself a fitbit one at the end of last year and a few people have been asking me about it so I thought I’d put my thoughts into a post for you all to peruse at your leisure. My parents have both had one for a couple of years and they love them and use them every day, so I decided I needed to get in on the action and begin logging my activity with fitbit. It’s pretty easy to be sedentary these days – especially those of us with sedentary jobs. For me, I sit down to practice and I’m at a desk when I’m doing other admin things – then before you know it it’s dark outside and I’ve barely moved. The fitbit one clips discreetly into your pocket or bra and counts your steps, plus distance, calories burned and floors climbed. It has an automated goal of 10,000 steps per day but you can change this goal if you like. I’ve kept mine at 10,000 as that’s what we’re told we should be aiming for (10,000 steps is around five miles). The first few weeks I had mine I’m sure I became a total fitbit-bore to all around me. Parking miles away from where I wanted to be or just leaving the car at home altogether. Going out dancing and being thrilled to have done 14,000 steps before even going to sleep. Going out of my way to find the stairs rather than take the lift (not possible with harp by the way). Now that the initial novelty of the fitbit one has worn off, I’m still using it every day. Why? Because it encourages you to move more. My friend Katherina has one and she joked that it plays on all the negative emotions we have – the guilt of not moving enough, the thrill of achieving more than your friends, ick… but still I use it and like to be towards the top of the leaderboard of my fitbit ‘friends’. The fitbit one itself is really small… IMAG0090 But it comes with a handy silicone clip: IMAG0089 You can also get it in burgundy. I thought about it but I’m the only one who ever sees it really so there was no point paying an extra £10 for a different colour, right? So I just clip this to my bra first thing in the morning and forget about it – it comes with a tiny dongle to plug into the computer so whenever I’m a few feet away from the computer it’ll sync to my online fitbit account. I’ve also set my phone up to do this but you don’t have to. It emails you when it needs charging, which is only about once every 10 days, and it charges in about an hour. The button at the top lets you scroll through all the information – and you can tailor the information you want to see online – so you can see the time, steps that day, floors climbed and calories burned. There’s also a cute flower that grows if you’ve been active recently: IMAG0088 If you reach a milestone such as 50 total miles or 100 floors climbed you’ll get an email and a ‘badge’ – it’s quite nice to know I’ve climbed enough floors to be at the same height as a helicopter but, I’ll admit, not overly useful. What is really handy is that you can connect your fitbit account with myfitnesspal – so fitbit logs your steps, myfitnesspal logs your food, and theoretically, you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat (although there are lots of different opinions on this so let’s move on swiftly!) I’ve been logging my food for almost 100 days, and I think 100 days is enough, once I’ve got my 100th day of food logging I’ll probably stop doing it so religiously and just focus on eating whole, healthy foods (and maybe drinking fewer glasses of rose wine). I’ve lost 6 pounds since I’ve had mine. So I don’t know whether that’s from moving more or eating less – it’s almost definitely a mixture of both. I haven’t been trying to lose weight very quickly but I am aware that I want to lose a bit. No rush though – I’m not going on holiday for another eighteen weeks. Something else you can use the fitbit one for is tracking your sleep – this is a bit much for me, I tend to know if I’ve slept well or not! Also, I wasn’t keen on the wristband that came with the fitbit. The velco was weird and was already losing its grip after a few nights. I loved the silent vibrating alarm though, it wakes you up without disturbing your significant other. But it wasn’t worth it for me to wear the uncomfortable wristband unfortunately. I’d love to know your thoughts on the fitbit if you have one? What do you think?

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  1. OK, I admit, I recently bought a Fitbit wearable fitness tracker. I purchased the black colored Charge HR (HR stands for heart rate). My wife noticed there was a plum colored version so she just had to buy that, didn’t she. That was when the contest between us started. We now spend our days trying to out-do each other in terms of steps and stairs, resting heart rate, and calories burned. But the worst thing is that when we get home from work we forget to check on the kids and instead dive into our Fitbit apps to see our progress. “Look”, I say to her, “today I parked as far away from the office as possible and I did an extra 800 steps” to which she replies “I couldn’t find what I wanted in the grocery store so I walked around for 20 minutes which generated 600 extra steps.” I then show her that the moment she walks through the door each day my heart rate shoots through the roof, to which she comments as to how quickly it goes back down again. We compare our sleeping patterns, and she shows me that when I snore it makes her restless. I moan that I only had 6 hours sleep last night but she says I also fell asleep on the sofa prior to that; I deny that but she opens my app and proves me wrong. Last night we sat down to watch a TV show and I was pacing round and round the living room throughout the whole show which irritated her, to which I explained that I needed to get to my 10,000 step goal. She showed me that me walking around was interfering with her resting heart rate as she tried to relax, to which I shrugged my shoulders, which burned another 4 calories according to my Fitbit.

    I must be becoming a Fitbit Bore because when I say to my son “Hey I have something interesting to show you” he immediately replies “Don’t tell me … Fitbit?!” The app I now use most on my phone every day is the Fitbit app; to heck with checking my bank account, calendar and email, I would now rather check my health stats. During my workouts I stare at my wrist the whole time which makes other gym-goers wonder if I am videoing them via a tiny camera on my wrist or whether I have a bus to catch soon. When I take the Fitbit off to charge it up I make sure I sit still until it is charged because I don’t want to do any steps that won’t be credited to my account. I even send screenshots of my progress to my sister 5000 miles away; I can almost see her yawn every time she receives a graph of the number of flights of stairs I have climbed that day.
    Now I am officially a Fitbit Bore, I am wondering what other wearables I can attach to my body and clothes to track even more about me. Are there shoes that can weigh me? Maybe something for my esophagus that tracks my calorie intake? Or something for my underwear … stop, I will leave it there.

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